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  • Balau

A very dense, oil-rich tropical hardwood from Southeast Asia,

Balau is known for its strength and weather resistant qualities,

making it an ideal choice for building outdoor structures like

patios or poolside deck and furniture. The yellow Balau has a

life span of up to 30 years due to high density of the timber

which gives it good durability.


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  • Merbau

One of the most popular timber in Malaysia, Merbau is a very

durable and termite-resistant wood, making it a highly valued

material for flooring. Coveted for its beauty and excellent physical

characteristics, such as hardness and moisture resistance, it also

resists deformation and can easily withstand any weather changes.


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  • Kempas

A dense wood with excellent wearing properties, Kempas is a

blend of elegance, natural beauty and affordability that few

flooring species can match. It is also highly decorative with its

understated patterns flickering intones of brandy and dark rum.


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  • Nyatoh

The Nyatoh’s sapwood is moderately-defined. Its heartwood is

usually deep pink-red or red-brown. Grain patterns range from

straight to shallowly interlocked and sometimes wavy. With a

moderately fine to slightly coarse and even texture, it is

commonly used to build ceiling and wall panel.


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  • Chengal

One of the most popular hardwoods of Peninsular Malaysia, this

Species is the most highly valued timber in the country. Its

Superior characteristics include well-defined sapwood,

Interlocked grain and fine texture with natural pin holes. Freshly

Sawn, its heartwood is light yellow-brown with a distinct greenish

Tinge. When exposed, it darkens to dark purple-brown or rust red.


*Sapwood is well defined. When freshly sawn the heartwood is

  light yellow-brown with a distinct greenish tinge, darkening on

  exposure to dark purple-brown or rust red.

*Grain is interlocked.

*Texture is fine and even with natural pin holes.


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  • Keranji

Belonging to the family of Leguminosae, Keranji is mostly found

in Peninsular Malaysia, Indonesia as well Sabah & Sarawak on

flat and  hilly lands but not in swamps. It has well-defined

sapwood with color ranging from white to yellowish white and

gold-brown or red-brown heartwood weathering to dark brown.

Its grain is deeply interlocked and sometimes wavy giving rise to

attractive stripe patterns. Keranji’s texture can range from fine to

moderately coarse and even.


*Sapwood is well defined and white to yellowish white in color.

  Heartwood is gold-brown or red-brown weathering to dark


*Grain is deeply interlocked and sometimes wavy giving rise to

  attractive stripe figure.

*Texture is fine to moderately coarse and even.


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  • Belian

Belian also known as Borneo Iron Wood - a highly dense

hardwood native to Southeast Asia from the island areas of Malaysia,

Indonesia and the Philipines. Belian is one of the most durable

species in the world. Despite its high density, it is easy to work with

and produces smooth and often lustrous surface. It is also reported

to be immune to termite attacks.


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Timber Flooring

  • Imported Timber-Burmese Teak

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