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Timber Decking

  • Tropical Hardwood


Timber Decking suitable for exterior use e.g.

balcony, deck areas, surrounding swimming pool

decks & others. It is natural solid wood making your

outdoor floor in luxury & warm atmosphere.

Yellow Balau

Yellow Balau is tropical hardwood from Southeast Asia, e.g. Malaysia,

Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.  It is a tropical

hardwood which is deemed as a heavy hardwood.

Yellow Balau like Teak, is a hardwood that is often used in the

manufacture of outdoor garden furniture, decking or others.

Yellow Balau has a life span of about 20-30 years.

Due to the high density it is extremely durable, heavy and

robust making ideal for use indoor or outdoor decoration.



18mm (T) x 65mm (W) x 300-1500mm (L)
Decking18mm (T) x 90-95mm (W) x fr 900mm (L)





Chengal is considered the No. 1 wood (classified as heavy hardwood)

of Malaysia and export of logs is prohibited due to its scarcity.

Chengal sapwood is well defined.  When freshly sawn, the heartwood

is light yellow-brown with a distinct greenish tinge, darkening on

Exposure to dark purple-brown or rust red.

Grain is interlocked.

Texture is fine and even.

The timber is classified as naturally durable and is normally very

resistant to termite attack and fungal infestation.



T&GUpon Request
DeckingSubject to stock availability.



General Description

The tree is reported to attain heights of up to 100ft (30ml), with trunk

diameters of 32-40 inches (80-100cm). The heartwood is initially light

brown in colour but darkens on exposure to a deep brown, becoming

very dark brown or even black with age or over exposure. The grain is

commonly straight, occasionally slightly interlocked. Texture is fine and even.



Occurs throughout the lowlands of Sabah and to extend into parts of Borneo,

other Indonesian islands and the Philippines.


Common Uses

Used for all heavy construction, marine pilling, boat building, fence posts,

heavy-duty industrial flooring, building material and shingles.



Timber Flooring

  • Local Timber - Merbau

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