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Boger Sport Flooring is become common material that used in construction of sports floor surfaces, such as Gym Room, Dance Studio, Kindergarten, Basketball, Futsal and all kinds of sport.

By using sport flooring system, it is more durable, easy to clean and maintenance.  Excellent impact resistance and abrasion resistance also the reason why people choosing this material.  


Product Specifications:-

Product Type: Roll Type
Material: 100% Pure PVC
Thickness: 4.5mm
Wear Layer: 0.45mm
Roll Size: 1.8m x 20m
Brand: Boger Sport Flooring
Country of Origin: Made in China

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Colors Available With Ex-Stock:-


 BG6819 Maple

 BG6810 Teak

*All colors above need pre-order required.
*Available for thickness 4.5mm, 6.5mm & 8.0mm.
*Lead Time delivery about 4-6weeks.
*Kindly for more information.





Product Advantages



Safe and Comfortable

The surface of Boger sports floor is moderate varicose and has airtight foam layer, which makes the users feel comfortable and safe.





Health and Environment Friendly

100% virgin material ensure that the product can be recycled with No DOP, no heavy metals, zero formaldehyde,  Use antibacterial and anti fungal treatment, inhibit mildew. 






Good Vibration Absorption Performance

According to the application requirements, can provide 10% - 50% of the shock absorption for the long-term protection of user's joints and cartilage.






Equilibrium Friction Coefficient

Provide the best grip and sliding balance, ensure smooth movement, reduce the possibility of a strain and fracture.







Excellent Ball Bounce Performance

Meet the requirements of different ball games in entertainment and performance.





No Vibrations-Reduced Area Deflection

Boger Sport Flooring

  • Good energy recovery, absorb vibration.
  • Effectively reduce the risk of injury.
  • Tremor buffer performance is good, with not cause muscle strain.



Suspended wood sports floor

  • Good energy recovery, absorb vibration.
  • More easily to be hurt.
  • Tremor area is large, may cause muscle stain.





Excellent sound-absorbing performance

The sports floor with different thickness can absorb 17-25 dB of noise.






Extensive application of product

It can meet the requirements of various places such as for competition, training and leisure application.

It can be widely used in sport hall, kindergarten, gym, dance room and other places.







Durable function

Wear-resisting, size constant deformation and durable.







Ideal comprehensive function

Provide an ideal solution for the appearance and function of the stadiums.